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Life is too short. Hopefully I won’t get too many arguments there. If you don’t believe me, have a look at your watch ticking away the seconds, hours, days . . . Tick. Tick. Tick. Tock.   Good. We’re all in agreement then. Let’s take that idea one step further — life is too short to drink cheap wine. A friend gave me a button from the Seagram museum with that very sentiment. There used to be a URL to the Seagram Museum page, but sadly, that marvellous building has been closed. Seems that just not enough people were interested. Alas. With that rather questionable introduction, I bring you my wine (and occasionally food) page.

Without getting into a theological argument–the best way to get into a theological argument is to say you’re not going to get into one–if there is an argument on this earth for a higher power or a God, then wine surely suits. If you have some deep-seated hatred of all things alcoholic (in which case I suggest that you leave my page immediately) there are still the health reasons for drinking wine.

Another avenue to wine enjoyment is wine-making. Personally, this is not my thing. I’m just too lazy and other people make perfectly good wines. I have however enjoyed some fine homemade wines. If this is your thing, there are tons of great resources on the web. Just enter “Making your own wine” in Google to get a taste. There’s also the [ahem] How to brew cheap wine guide over at Wikihow (a bit scary, really).

Speaking of links, if you happen to be the type who enjoys a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape with your Linux system, check out the “Cooking with Linux” series in Linux Journal, featuring Chef Marcel of “Chez Marcel”, his faithful waiter, François, and lots of good French wine (and Chilean, and Australian, and American, and Italian, and . . . you get the idea). Speaking of Linux, maybe you are looking for a link to the WINE project page.

Once upon a time, Sally and I would attend the Toronto Wine and Cheese or head or the Mississauga Symphony wine auction. We always enjoyed both of these with one reservation. To the people organizing the wine auction, go easy on us. Some of the wines you are putting up for auction these days are way out of range for poor people like me who might like to bid on the odd bottle. But I digress . . . Both of these shows are easy ways to spend lots of money if you want, but you do get to sample some interesting wines.

What follows is a list of interesting wine sites. If there is something missing from this list that you think must absolutely be there, send me an email.

Neat Wine Related Sites

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