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Cooking With Linux #8 : Come Rescue Me! It's the tail end of 2016 and Microsoft now loves Linux, though many would argue otherwise. That's not what this post is about so that discussion will have to on without...
Cooking With Linux : Installing Linux on a laptop with secure boot. Welcome to "Cooking With Linux", episode 7 . . . though I may have to rethink this whole numbering thing. But I digress . . . My parents bought themselves a brand new,...
Cooking With Linux : Installing OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Time for another "Cooking With Linux" installation quickie. This time, we're going to go through the installation steps for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. This is a rolling...
Cooking With Linux : Fedora 24 Installation Let me start by explaining that this is an experiment. Not "Cooking With Linux" per se, but this installation video is something a little different. Consider these...
Cooking With Linux, Episode 6 : Desktop Extravaganza If you haven't already done so, please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe. Then, tell everyone that you know to subscribe as well. [ insert appropriate smiley here...
Rainbowstream, a command line Twitter client I'm playing with a Linux command line Twitter client called "Rainbowstream" and it's pretty cool. The screenshot shows it running inside a KDE Konsole terminal. It can...
Cooking With Linux, Episode 5 : Minecraft PE Server Minecraft Pocket Edition is an awesome multiplayer game. On a local network, such as in your home, friends can easily join you, as they can on the Internet....
Cooking With Linux, episode 4 : Installing Software Look around just a bit and you're going to find that there are lots and lots of Linux distributions. There's also an incredible number of software packages for you to...
Cooking With Linux, Episode 3 : FOSS Sacrilege! Someone asked me recently about Google's Fuchsia, which this video is not about by the way. He asked what was more important to me, that a device run Linux or that the...
Cooking With Linux, Episode 2 -- Let's Get Virtual Before I unleash this next episode of Cooking With Linux (the YouTube edition), I'm going to make a promise . . . well, maybe more like a "hopefully, I stick to this...

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